How to improve your Etsy pictures?

First you need a simple, clean background and a good light.
I'm gonna show you a very inexpensive way to improve your photos.

I took a large white cardboard, cut it in half, or 30% - 70%. Put the biggest piece on top, leaving 1 inch from the edge, and tape it across.

That way, you can easily fold it and open it when you need it. Wait for the sun, take your cardboard outside, set it on the table (not in direct sun), open it, set your item on top and you can start your photo session.

For small items, you can use a simple book as a prop or something simple of a different color, so the item will have a better contrast.

If you don't have a professional camera, there's no problem.
Go to http://www.picnik.com/ . It's a free website where you can edit your pictures in 20 seconds.

I'm gonna show you the steps i used to transform the picture bellow.

Click on "Get Started now".
Upload Photo - Choose a File from your Computer
Use the Basic Edits left side bar:
Crop- Select the area you want-Apply
Exposure- Auto Exposure- Apply
On the top Bar you will find "Effects" - Cross Process - 92% Fade- Apply
Save and Share - Name your Photo - And save it
Close Photo and you can start all over again.

Along the way you will notice different Edit Options that you can use. It's very easy to learn.
You can modify the lightning in such a way to give a vintage feel to your picture or any other Effect that is the most suitable to your shop.

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  1. Love picnik :) I know what I'll be doing tomorrow :)